Rolling shutter systems

Rolling shutter systems are economical and robust door systems that are easily preferred in all architectural areas.
Shutter panels work by wrapping around the pipe and there are lots of different panel types.
The using area of each shutter panel is different.
In addition, pipes, carrier rails, slides, bearings and shutters make the door unique and specific.

Our company is Turkey’s largest automatic door manufacturer. Furthermore, side skids and carrier parts are also produced in our company. Our shutter motors have manual lever opening feature with reducer and also manual chain hoist motor system can be applied.

Special strong steel construction is made for shutters larger than 300 CM. In general, our shutter panels are made of first quality electro galvanized ST 37 Steel sheet bands which are shaped by giving clamp and strength forms in special roll forming benches. It has galvanized coating value, DX 51 double surface, thickness 100 gr/m2.

The usage areas of the shutter system are very wide. Highly reinforced galvanized steel shutters are doors with reinforced construction for your factories, industrial enterprises. These doors can also be secured under pedestrian and vehicle crossings with a safety photocell.

Engine parts are suitable for manual opening and closing. In case of possible malfunctions, you can open and close your door manually without losing time in your business until the technical service arrives. Shutter panels are produced in 0.6 – 0.7 – 0.8 – 0.9 – 1.00 – 1.2 mm thickness. Large-sized shutters are generally 10 meters or more in size, the wind load is increased, and it is a rolling door system that is bedded with a special drum shaft.

Even if the doors are closed during the approach of the vehicle, it has been strengthened so as not to open from the ground. As an option, additional security can be added by increasing the pressure force of the door to the ground. You can receive a signal if the door is forced, by adapting it to your alarm device by means of switches that will be added to the doors electronically.

If requested, we can produce fire resistant certified shutters. We produce shutters with E60 fire resistance certificate. It is a door class that has no flammable paint on its surface and is produced and certified with engine parts protected against combustion and explosion, in order to protect it from flammable and explosive environments.

We can produce shutters that are resistant to wind natural disasters, class 4 – 200 km/h wind certified. We can produce roll up fast opening and closing shutters. We are experienced for high security doors that will save your time. Our products are designed to prevent loss of time in industrial facilities, site parking lots, construction equipment entrance and exit areas and especially in areas where fast opening and closing is required.

Door opening speed can be adjusted at the rate of 80-100 m/sec. The door roll is offered with aluminum panels, the motor part with reducer and inverter driver board. Extruded aluminum panels are light and durable.

Double-walled galvanized stone wool filled shutters are designed for food facilities, special areas where heat insulation is required, cold storages, areas where sound insulation is required, and are double-walled doors consisting of a 40 kg/m3 density rock wool covered shutter panel. It is the best alternative to sectional doors and polyurethane filled shutters. Heat and sound insulation value is higher than polyurethane filling. As an option, we can produce panels with 80 kg / m3 rock wool content. Rock wool filling is the best material preferred for insulation in the industry.

Sight Window Shutters for business shops.
It is used in workplaces, shops, areas that need light and air entrance. It is especially designed for pharmacies, animal shelters, toxic gas chambers, chemical warehouses, and areas where ventilation is required.

Special Resistance Shutters
It can be applied to all spiral system doors. The bottom equipment of the door that presses on the ground has been strengthened.

It is generally preferred for the protection of industrial facilities, pedestrian-vehicle compartments of public transport areas, and warehouses with flammable explosive materials.

It is designed to prevent time loss in industrial facilities, site car parks, construction equipment entrance and exit areas and especially in areas where fast opening and closing is required. The opening speed can be adjusted at the rate of 80-100 cm per second. Door roller can be applied from aluminum panels, motor part with reducer and inverter driver board.

What are the advantages of the shutter system?

Reduction İn Energy Costs
Comfortable Working Environment
Noise And Sound Reduction
Protecting Frosted Areas
Fire Resistance Feature
Wind Protection
Low Maintenance For Long Years
Temperature Control Between Different Environments
High Efficiency
Provides Security Boost
Provides An Economical Solution

The shutter systems we produce and their usage areas

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