Sectional Doors

– Garage chose
– Industrial end works
– Sectional works with service doors and windows

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These are the sections that are manufactured in accordance with architectural designs, controlled by hand or motor, opened by sliding towards the ceiling due to the rails on the door sides, and are balanced with springs. Closed garage entrances of detached houses, closed entrances of apartments and sites are preferred.

There will also be a variety of bedding, albeit for factories and facilities, with a net wide range of personnel transition and comprehensive.

Sectional garage doors, which can offer security and aesthetics at the same time, are safe and long-lasting with their polyurethane-filled steel-clad panels. It has a flexible application area with bedding systems developed in accordance with various architectural designs. It is an application that provides comfort to vehicle owners. Thanks to the automation systems that can be applied to these doors, pedestrians and vehicles can pass without being exposed to effects such as rain, mud, cold and heat. Thanks to its panel and engine options, it has a wide usage area. It is preferred because it provides heat, sound and dust insulation in environments where it is used. Door sections (panels) are in the form of steel/polyurethane/steel and the steels are hot-dip galvanized. Nature-friendly water-based homogeneous polyurethane foam with a density of 43.3 kg/m³ is used. Thanks to the polyurethane CFC Free PUR feature, mold and infestation do not occur. B2 flammability feature is documented with test reports. In order to ensure the sealing between the panels, a wick and a special sponge gasket are fabricated. There is also a thermal bridge over the sections.

There are 1 mm thick steel bars under the surface sheet at the points where the hinges are screwed inside the panel. In this way, the hinges are provided to last for many years and the life of the door is extended. The panels are produced as embossed (stucco) on the inner and outer surfaces, and it is aimed to increase the strength by using the lengthwise rib system. The panels, which have a design that prevents finger jamming, comply with world standards. (EN 12604)

Panel Thickness: 40 mm

ASHRAE Calculation: Thermal insulation k=1.51 w / m2k

Thermal conductivity (U) value is 0.067 W/( m2K)

Sound insulation RW=26 db.

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