About Us

Our most important goal in all our production and service activities is to ensure the continuity of our customer satisfaction. Our basic policy for this is; To ensure that the top management and all our employees understand quality as an endless race with themselves in order to reach their “perfect” without compromising the values we believe in.

To be a respected and reliable organization that always follows the technological developments related to our business and provides development value to our country and society without leaving our truths.

Our Missions
Our most important goal in all our production and service activities is to offer the desired quality product not only considering the expectations and needs of our customers but also at the most affordable price, at the desired time. We are in the desire to be the only brand that comes to mind in the sector by ensuring the continuity of our customer satisfaction with pre-sales and after-sales technical support.

Our Visions

To strengthen our corporate identity by increasing the number of our solution partners in assembly and service around the world, and by bringing the ÖZBOSAN brand to more points with our existing and new products.

Our Values

In order for these values, which guide us in every step we take, to be permanent; We share knowledge with our employees and customers and encourage continuous improvement. We respect universal, social and cultural values. We ensure the continuity of our commercial reputation, provided that we comply with the laws, national and international legislation and always stand behind our promises. We carry out our activities within the framework of the principles of honesty and openness, ensuring the occupational safety of our employees and being sensitive to the environment.